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Funding and Assistance

Okay. Deep breath.

Let's break down how funding for home care works in Australia into three main types: the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), Home Care Packages, and the user-pays system.


“Pay for what YOU want”

User Pays

User-pays system is for when you decide to get private home care services without government funding. This means you directly pay for whatever services you want, from housekeeping to personal care, without waiting for assessments or funding approvals. It offers the most choice and flexibility but at a cost.


“Help with the smaller things”


Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) 

CHSP is designed for folks who need a little bit of help to stay independent at home. Maybe you need help with cleaning or a handrail installed in the bathroom. It's meant for those who are mostly managing but just need a bit of assistance. The government kicks in most of the money, and you pay a small amount for the services you use.


"More hands-on help"

Home Care Packages (HCP)

Home Care Packages are for when you need more tailored help to stay at home. They come in four levels, from basic care needs (like help with meals and transport) to high-level care needs (like full-time nursing). You get a budget from the government to spend on various services, and the idea is to customise the support you receive to fit what you need. There's a bit more paperwork involved, and you contribute to the cost based on your income.

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