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Live Easy About Us


Caring for older people is in our DNA. As an organisation, we’ve been doing it since the 60s – in fact we’re not far off our 60th anniversary. We are part of Scalabrini Villages, a Catholic not-for-profit and it is our mission to help elderly migrants in Australia, whilst being fully inclusive and open for all.

We operate several residential aged care facilities around New South Wales, a growing number of Live Easy Hubs and also independent living accommodation, known as Scalabrini Communities.

Whether we assist you at one of our communities or in your home, we have one non-negotiable: we ALWAYS proudly put care above revenue. As a not-for-profit, we don’t know any other way.

If you’re considering Live Easy for a loved one, we want you to know that the individual and their specific needs are more important to us than anything else.

If you’re considering Live Easy for yourself, don’t forget that you’re always in charge. What you say/want goes – we’re always looking for better ways to help you with the life you want.

Either way, we will work closely with you to provide a level of service that surpasses all ‘traditional’ home care providers and leaves you with that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when something is just right!

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