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Live Easy with in-home help
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 A Little Help Goes a Long Way

How Does it Work?

Easily, that’s how. As we get older, some of life’s mundane but essential tasks get harder. Washing your clothes, cleaning your kitchen… going to the shops. These everyday tasks can not only become more physically challenging, but really… is that how you want to be spending your days? Course not – so let us take care of all those things.

Step by Step Process


Meet Your New Buddy

Your Buddy comes to you for a little chat about your daily routines, your interests, anything you find difficult nowadays or, simply, anything you just don’t want to do anymore. Super quick, super easy!


Create a Plan That Makes a BIG Difference

We consider your finances, needs and circumstances then we craft a plan to make the biggest impact on your life. And, as with all brilliant plans, we can change as we go based on your feedback.


Your Buddy Manages Everything

And we mean everything! Your Buddy will actually do a lot for you, but even for the things they can’t, they still manage the process. They are your ‘go to’ for all your needs – big and small.

Live Easy with In-Home Care

Our Promise

Live Easy Buddies can keep up with change

Your Life Will Get Easier

We take the burden of life’s hassles, so you get your time back.

Always in Charge at Live Easy

You’re the

We change things whenever you decide. You’re in charge.

Live Easy Friendly Face

A Familiar and Friendly Face

Think of your Buddy as exactly that… a buddy. Call them if you need anything.

What does this cost?

We have a highly transparent cost model here at Live Easy and we work very hard to find you savings wherever we can. It is THE main difference between us and traditional home care providers.


We have three subscription levels and then any extra services are charged on a cost-plus basis (18%). But here’s the best bit - we work with service providers to get their lowest rates, so you pay as close to retail price as possible.


Even better, our subscription costs can be fully or partially covered by your home care package!  Please note that some subscriptions are unavailable to certain HCP levels – contact us for a quick chat so we can explain everything.


$68 Per Week


  • A personalised plan to make your life better… today!

  • Your Buddy at the end of the phone anytime between 9am and 5pm*.

  • The comfort of your Buddy making a face-to-face introduction to ALL new service providers.

  • A fortnightly one-hour visit from your Buddy – catch up, play cards, go for a walk… whatever you want.

  • All your care and package management.

  • A monthly invoice so you can always see where your money is going.



$149 Per Week

Includes everything in the Bronze Package, plus:

  • Better communication channels for you and your family.

  • Access to special software for a phone or tablet that provides easy video/phone calls, emergency contacting, entertainment and alerts.

  • Access to the same software for families around Australia or the world.

  • A weekly one-hour visit from your Buddy (instead of fortnightly).


$254 Per Week

Includes everything in the silver Package, plus:

  • Ultimate piece of mind for you and your family.

  • A six-weekly visit from a registered nurse for a quick check up.

  • 24 hour a day emergency technology to be installed in your house.

  • A specifically designed screen that provides news, radio, easy calls, emergency contacting, entertainment and alerts.

  • Regular maintenance of the technology.

Government Funding & Assistance

We can also help you navigate the often complicated and confusing world of home packages and government support. If you don’t get it, believe us… you’re not alone. But we can help you make sure you’re getting everything you’ve worked hard for and everything you’re entitled to.

Live Easy Buddies

Our Live Easy Buddies

Vetted and Trained

All of our buddies undergo thorough vetting and receive extensive training to meet your unique needs.

Companionship and Assistance

They provide help, companionship and, we hope, more than a little laughter along the way.

A Reliable Contact

We don’t replace family. They’re usually your first port of call. But we’d like to be your second. Your Buddy will be responsive and always eager to help.

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